Integrated Sales Solutions

Integrated Sales Solutions (ISS) is a leading US-based call center service offering the finest, most successful sales strategies for both inbound and outbound telemarketing solutions. Unlike many of our competitors we understand the simple truth behind a call center’s success – “It’s the sales, stupid.”

That’s why, with over 15 years call center experience, ISS specializes in providing the highest conversion-per-call rates with per-ticket close rates that rival any call center in the world. Our staff is dedicated to serving every clients’ unique and individual needs because we know that no advertising campaign will be successful without a quality call center closing the sale.

We feature over 100 seats, working 24/7 in the United States to meet every campaign’s most aggressive sales goals. Our turnkey “integrated call system” allows you to spend time growing your business and generating leads, secure in the knowledge that you have a call center staff maximizing your inquiries and closing at a rate almost double that of the industry standard.

At ISS, we recognize the time, energy and revenue you spend on acquiring a lead, so we understand the urgency and necessity to close and capture the highest per-ticket sales figures. Our American reps are trained by Sales managers with 25 years of experience in the telemarketing arena. Our reps sit onsite and are not left unmonitored in offshore sweatshops or alone in their homes. We are not order takers, and we are not so large that your calls get lost in a web of untrained, unmotivated or poorly incentivized operators.

This process is so quick and easy, your call center solution will be ready in just a few days. And thanks to our high closure rate and even higher average ticket price, we can charge you a lower commission percentage than most of our competitors. Better yet, we’ll never sock you with per-minute charges which incentives a rep to stay on the phone and not sell. Sell, cross-sell and move on to the next call. That’s our motto.



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