Integrated Sales Solutions

At ISS, our goal is your complete satisfaction and success. We provide an entire turnkey “integrated call system” approach to the business of in and outbound call center strategies. From the scripting of each campaign to the customized reporting system to the real-time credit card and e-check processing, ISS shoulders the challenge of maximizing your tele-traffic, so you can focus on marketing and advertising.

  1. Inbound Telemarketing
  2. Outbound Telemarketing
  3. Overall Call Philosophy

Inbound Telemarketing

ISS handles any and all inbound telemarketing strategies:

  • Hard sell offers
  • Soft sell offers
  • Overflow
  • Lead capture
  • Data mining and collection
  • Warm transfers
  • Customer service
  • Product inquiry information
  • Product support and help

Whatever your inbound needs, ISS will exceed your expectations. We can provide toll free numbers and even toll-free vanities for your particular marketing purposes. We will work with you to understand your products, their pitch and your target customer to craft a sales script geared for high-closure rates and even higher per-sales revenue figures.

We have multiple T-1s installed to instantly route all inbound calls to available operators which guarantees the lowest possible hold times even at peak hours. With a robust telecommunications backbone boasting multiple redundancy, we assure that our lines – your lines - are never down.

Outbound Telemarketing

ISS handles any and all outbound telemarketing strategies:

  • Cold calls to third-party lists
  • Warm calls to your internal customer base
  • Follow-up customer service calls
  • Decline follow-ups
  • Continuity enabling
  • Cancel saves
  • B-to-B lead generation

We specialize in Outbound telemarketing. In fact, we created many of the cold and warm Outbound call techniques utilized by many of our competitors today. We can scrub your list against the Do Not Call (DNC) database or warm call your personal lead list to offer additional products within your wheel. We begin any outbound campaign with a few hand-dialed calls to test scripts and reactions. We then fine-tune the pitch and dedicate a bank of operators to calling your list. Once the operators are comfortable with the pitch and understand the campaign, your leads can be run through a state-of-the art dialer system, allowing us to maximize and capitalize on your potential sales as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Our commitment to our clients – we won’t stop calling and re-calling your list until every lead is thoroughly exhausted.

Overall Call Philosophy

Any call center can dazzle you with fancy reporting or flashy technology, but ISS prides itself in making you money the old-fashioned way – by selling the hell out of every customer.

  1. Our Sales Success
  2. Lowest Fraud and Chargeback Rates
  3. Script Writing Expertise
  4. Merchant Account Set-up
  5. Real-Time Credit Card and Check Authorization
  6. Accurate, Customized Reporting

Our Sales Success
ISS’ reps are thoroughly trained, highly motivated and richly incentivized to not only close all connections, but double or even triple the average price points on a product through skillful add-on and cross-sell tactics. This is not an offshore call center or in-home order-taking service. Our reps are trained for several days before they’re ever put into live service. In addition, we customize every script to maximize your entire product wheel and assure that your customers are given an optimal opportunity to purchase as many of your products as possible.

Lowest Fraud and Chargeback Rates
At ISS, we pride ourselves in never deceiving a customer or overselling a product. We stay within strict guidelines of FTC regulations and will never deviate from the product claims you submit to us. All calls are recorded to verify credit-card info and affirmation of purchase, allowing you to fight and dispute any chargeback claims on a customer-by-customer basis.

Script Writing Expertise
We employ a staff of professional script writers who get inside the head of your target customers and taper both the inbound and outbound pitch to most successfully turn your callers into customers.

Merchant Account Set-up
Don’t have a merchant account or looking for a new one? No problem. ISS has relationships with several banks to allow you to process transactions through existing accounts or through a new one set up on your behalf.

Real-Time Credit Card and Check Authorization
ISS technology backbone can be easily integrated into any internet-based credit-card processor for instant, real-time credit card and e-check authorizations. That way, we assure that a customer is qualified before the phone is hung up.

Accurate, Customized Reporting
Our online reporting system offers customized stats displaying all the information you need to make smart marketing and advertising decisions. Click here for a sample report.



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